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Cookie cutters exist on the market, but there are no kid friendly accessories to help customize them easily.  Often kids are left with a tube of decorating gel and some sprinkles resulting in a huge mess and an unrecognizable design.  The more predetermined decorating options you give kids the more fun they have and the nicer the cookies will look after they are done.  Also kids have decorating items for coloring, cutting and pasting, play dough, etc. . . but they rarely come in a case to help keep things neat and organized when they are finished. 

The most common tasks children help in the kitchen are pouring, scooping, kneading dough, measuring, stirring, cracking eggs, cutting out and decorating cookies. 

Create ways to decorate cookies for family that are easy, less messy provide professional-like results. Provide the decorating accessories they can use with their current cookie cutters. 

  • Stamps,stencils and rollers to allow for maximum customization
  • Easy, many are going to use this with their children
  • Provide a way to store the pieces so they don't get lost when not in use


$9.99 - $12.99

Launch date

May 2012
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Is there a cookie cutter design that you wish you had, but cannot find?Generally there was lack of interest in additional shapes. Of the shapes requested, Zoo Animals, Transportation and Sports were most requested.

Christ cookie cutters are used most often followed by hearts and stars. This data coincides with the top two events/holidays where consumers most often bake and decorate cut-out cookies; Christmas and Valentine's Day.

If your child or children help you decorate cut-out cookies are they..

Do your children help decorate the cut-out cookies?

Hanukkah/Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween are the most popular times that polled consumers make and decorate cut-out cookies.

Consumers have a tendency to make their cut-out cookie dough but are very likely to purchase pre-made dough if they are limited on time.

40% of consumers polled are baking and decorating cut-out cookies 4 or more times a year.

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concept thumbnail sketches  



Prototype & User Testing

Several versions of both the bulb and decorating kit were prototyped in order to scale product to accommodate various hand sizes and different holding grips. 



construction & material

Cookie Stamp & Roller are designed with a two-sided pattern, offering 6 total stamp shapes and 3 roller patterns.

Decorating Bulb is designed with a high-heat silicone bulb which is microwave safe for heating toppings. Simply fill the frosting bulbs with icing or warm ganache before piping. Also acts as a gasket to air-tighten the whole product when assembled.



final product 





Decorating Kit - Kitchen Gadget Demo Video

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